A Few Great Reads / Part 1

The iPhone and its simple yet addictive apps have hijacked my nighttime reading ritual lately.  There is a pile of a dozen or so half read books staring at me every time I lay down to play my turn at Words With Friends or pop pigs with Angry Birds.  As of late I feel the newness and luster of these miniature time-sucking games wearing off and the stack of books calling again. Here’s a few books which if I collected them would be at the top of the shelf.

siddhartha-book-coverSiddhartha: Herman Hesse

I have read this novel more times than any other I think.  Each read brings something new into my life.  No matter where I am in my degree of growth change there is always something to learn and apply.
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Fierce Invalids RobbinsFierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates: Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins puts more to think about in one sentence than most good writers can cram into a chapter or for some an entire book.  This is by far one of the best books you will ever read if you are into something creative and out of the ordinary.
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Demon Haunted SaganDemon Haunted World – Science as a Candle in the Dark: Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

Basically short essays touching on most everything controversial and sublime about life.  Written by one of the few scientific geniuses of this world that could translate complicated ideas eloquently and simply enough so people like me can follow along.  Sagan is one the most thoughtful critical thinkers of the last 1000 years; the world would be a better place if he was running it.
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imagesThe Things they Carried: Tim O’Brien

The forward claims it’s fiction but I find that hard to believe as do many others. It appears that it’s a way of distancing those involved from the actuality of his experience.  It’s one mans account (told like a fiction story) of his Vietnam experience and how it tied into his later life. It’s been a while since I read this so I don’t remember all the details but I do remember not being able put it down till it was done.
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Hearts in Atlantis
: Stephen King
Hearts in Atlantis

To stave off the boredom of a 45 minute bus ride everyday to and from junior high school I started reading Stephen King books; my first was Christine.  I believe this habit started in the 6th grade.  Anyway, all these years later I have read everything he wrote before  2004 and a few that were published after and a good many of the books twice (The Stand, The Talisman, Bag of Bones, The Gunslingers, to name a few…).

Some reading snobs consider him kitsch and honestly, more times than not, I’m not into the content being served; I’m just not a horror fan. And again, if I can be honest, I’ve never really considered him “horror” even though I guess he’s the king of that.

It’s the ease of his writing and the ease of reading his style that fascinates me.  Unlike many writers he consistently paints a vivid and interesting picture; I sink into his prose like it was a friendly old couch. The type of couch that’s so comfortable you really don’t care that it’s in a room you don’t like to much.  But Hearts in Atlantis I would consider t be a work of suspenseful (at times) drama.
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  1. Agree about Stephen King. I haven’t read much of his books, but the few I have proves that his words have a way of hitting you right at home in the heart, whether through tears or laughter—Hearts in Atlantis is a perfect example of this …

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