The Cerebral Ramblings of a “Chronic Over-Thinker”

(The term Cerebral Ramblings was stolen from Anni Clark, thanks Anni- Chronic Overthinker is mine… I think… yeah pretty sure. or maybe?…)


All impressed here.

Fine Old World serves as an creative outlet or sorts for musician Eric Bettencourt. It’s more for him then you. This blog or whatever you call it also serves in some way to fortify his memory as he typically doesn’t remember anything unless it has to do with sick guitar players. Face’s and names are especially elusive to him. You have been warned.

Eric lives in Austin Texas and has for the last couple years or so. He moved here from Portland Maine but still spends a lot of time in the North-East expectantly during the summers. His cover/pub/wedding band, Velourosaurus is still in demand and people call for gigs. Plus it’s pretty sweet in Maine during the summer if you’ve never been.

There are no rules governing the content or format of what you will find on here although it won’t be anything too outlandish. Probably. Just mostly silly thoughts and what-not.

Eric… okay sick of writing in the third person… Eric/Me/I  has/have been writing this the whole time in case you hadn’t guessed. I can’t afford to pay anyone to do this stuff. I can’t wait until I can although something tells me I will have to wait. My guitars are gnawing at me to play them as I try to type and edit and stuff…

Anyways I’m way too aware that basically anything and everything from particles to thoughts to  can be further divided beyond whatever state they are in. There’s is no end to anything. This has made me into a “Chronic Over-Thinker” (my term btw) and basically it makes me a pain in my own ass most of the time but makes for some interesting song-lines and word associations.

So I’m in this “write a song-a-week” game, where you have to write a new song a week and post it on a private page with those involved; it’s really hard due to the above mentioned information sorting problem I have. As of now I haven’t produced anything I would consider a good song but there have been some cool bits to cull from later. Here’s one line in particular that I got recently. It sums up my everyday disposition.

Every thought is splintered, every word is second guessed
Struggling against the urge to over-think the obvious
Tangled in loose ends; always tightening
Crippled by the overwhelming  flood of possibility

It doesn’t seem like it rhymes but it does sort of. I made it work. Maybe someday you’ll hear it. I dunno.

And here’s a quote from the song Up From the Skies by Jimi Hendrix This also comes close to explaining my everyday thought process.

“I wanna hear and see everything” – Jimi Hendrix

I like this one too….

“I need a dump truck to unload my head” – Bob Dylan


“I wake in the morning
Fold my hands and pray for rain
I got a head full of ideas
That are drivin’ me insane” – Bob Dylan


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