Kernia / Adrianne Lenker

Adrianne Lenker is a friend of mine and she’s fucking brilliant.

Brilliant: Not a word I use for things like food I just ate or colors that match really well. I typically save it for geniuses, extraordinary ideas and songs like Kerina. Check her web stuff and videos and see for yourself.

Duo with Buck –

A Satisfied Mind / Jeff Buckley

When Jeff Buckley covered a song it was like a doctor giving someone a heart transplant.  The difference is that usually  the patient was better off after the surgery. I guess the most obvious obvious example is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Here’s an amazing version of Jeff Buckley playing Satisfied Mind, a song I was surprised to learn isn’t included in the public domain as a traditional (wiki article link). This video is from an open-mic shortly before he blew up into the almost mythical figure  he soon became.

Here’s the first version I heard from Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, an album of personal demos and rough recordings released after his untimely death in 1998.

Neighbor Song – Lake Street Dive

I just adore this song and have since I first heard them play it live at One Longfellow Square in Portland Maine to a packed 200 (!) seat house. (2014 was their break-out year; they won’t be playing little venues anymore… yayforthemBUTbooforus…)

Check em’ out if you haven’t already –

LSDI have a certain affinity for songs that come out of left field. A song like this is a breath of fresh air. Where so many artists are content to recycle the same themes and phrases of those directly before them Lake Street Dive crafts unique songs removed from the “same-ol’-samle-ol'” Their hard-earned musical talents combined with their love of music and their imaginations make for some of the coolest song arrangements out there.

have a listen here-

Here’s a live video of the tune too-

Neighbor song was written by upright-bass player Bridget Kearney about what it’s like living in NYC.

I can hear my neighbors making love upstairs
Their love is rattling my tables and my chairs
Keeping me awake
The love they make it’s keeping me awake
While I’m just trying to get some sleep on the ground floor
I don’t mind my neighbor making love upstairs
Cause I was once the lover making all my neighbors scared
you and me thundering the floorboards with our power and our force
While they’re just trying to get some sleep on the ground floor
I can hear my neighbors making love upstairs
Their love is amplifying all of my despair
Cause I was once a lover now I have to listen to my neighbors
Making love upstairs from down on the ground floor
from down on the ground floor
from down on the ground floor
In this city all the humans live in layers
I got people down the hall and down the stairs
We all move in and out and live our lives in stacks and rows and pairs
And try to find someone with whom we can share it
I can hear my neighbors making love upstairs
Wish I didn’t have to be so well informed of their affairs
But if I have to hear them doing something, at least they’re having fun
Sometimes I forget that all of us are just human
Cause we’re all stacked in rows and columns
And if one of them should fall on me
My neighbors making love upstairs would crush me
I’m down on the ground floor