Great Reads / Part 2

These last few years I’ve been on a tear with the reading thing. Even did away with Netflix as the before-bed pacifier. Here’s a few more to ad my list of great books. Many more to come…

slashsbioSlash – by well…Slash.
I don’t care if you like Guns N’ Roses music or even music in general. This here is an incredible read. His exploits and debauchery had me burning through this bio in one solid string of hours. I think I stayed up until the sun rose; couldn’t put it down. This master guitar-slinger actually lived the hard-ships and wild times the other poser bad-boy bands sang about.
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The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins.
Agree or disagree with his views on what god is or isn’t but he builds a solid case for his point of view using solid logic. Show me a better argument (using rationality) and I’ll believe that instead.
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A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill shorthistbillbrysonBryson.
Leaning heavily on the sciences this book really covers nearly everything. cells, atoms, geology, genes, space, dinosaurs, plate tech tonics, extinctions (then and now), medicine… yeah, everything.  I’ve read it twice and even found the audio-book on CD which I’ve listened to on countless road trips; I highly recommend. I find the British narrators voice soothing. You can get hardcover, paperback and even a textbook style one with pictures.
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banksyWall and Piece – Banksy
This is a coffee table picture book by the elusive British street artist known only as Banksy . This dude makes thought provoking street art challenging the accepted beliefs that we are continuously bombarded with from the media to those within our own ranks afraid to question authority. His messages are challenging and his art exquisitely executed.
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East Of Eden – John Steinbeckeastofeden
This held steady as my favorite book ever until a certain Cormac McCarthy book came along… more on that another time. This master storyteller weaves five novels worth of complax situations and lives into one huge masterpiece.  His handle on prose is more vivid then any movie you’ll ever see.
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The last installment of great reads in case you missed it…

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