Phillip Phillips needs to STFU.

I’m sitting here at Strange Brew  writing a post about how bad iTunes rips musicians off so I’m a little uptight to say the least. Then this song just came on the overhead speakers. There is some terrible shit being played right now. WTF SB? You are the epicenter of great Austin music I’m disappointed. This channel is the total pop garbage I’d expect to be playing simultaneously in every single CVS and Walgreen’s at once .

I haven’t hated a song so bad since first hearing Mumford and Sons for the first time. They still owe me a car stereo as far as I’m concerned. My immediate reaction was to punch it until it stopped. This Raging Fire “song” gives me the anxious, angry feeling I get when subjected to New-Country music.

I know nothing about this Phillip Phillips guy except that he has an exceptionally cool name. I’ve never heard of him before (I Googled the “lyrics”) but he needs to Shut the Fuck Up. We don’t need any more one-dimensional substance-less songs about the vague feelings 13-16 year old get. Man just stop.

If you think this is a good song we can no longer be friends.

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